Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dynamic faces not working in Netbeans 6.0 (Update: there is a fix available!)

There is a nasty bug in the woodstock components shipped with netbeans 6.0, that makes that dynamic faces just doesn't work. If like me, you enjoy refreshing parts of your JSF pages using AJAX, you will see that DynaFaces.fireAjaxTransction() makes your components disappear, instead of refreshing them. The bug has been reported here. So let's hope it gets fixed soon.

If you are just trying to refresh a simple component like a label, have a look at the woodstock documentation (Help->JavaDoc References->Project Woodstock 4.1 Tag Library). You will see that some components have a javascript refresh() method that can refresh them using AJAX.


David said...

There is a fix in Woodstock 4.2. If you go to https://woodstock.dev.java.net/Download.htm and download the NetBeans plugins for 4.2, components and theme, and install the "Visual JSF" patch (1.0.2), the problem is fixed.

Guillaume Radde said...

Great, I just tried updating the components and it works well.Thanks to the woodstock team for being responsive to bug reports!

For those that want to enjoy using dynamic faces in a verry easy way, I would advise to download the components library that is available here
It allows you to add ajax abilities to your application with just a few clicks. I'll try to be blogging about that soon :-)