Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Game Developper Conference

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for San Francisco, where I will attend the Game Developper Conference on Friday. I'll spend the week-end there, and I will meet with some people I'm working with at the Emergency Operation Center of SF. I should be back on Wednesday with maybe some interesting things to blog about :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some progress on gnome-do

So I'm moving along on replacing gnome-do's addin system. Today I added an entry in the menu that opens mono.addins addin manager. I think that it's about the only graphical feature that users will see when using the new plugin system. Most of the work is on the internal behaviour.
Porting existing plugins to the new addin system will be easy. It's just about creating an xml file that describes the addin, and embed it as a resource in the dll.

Now I have to clean up the code and fix a certain number of bugs. I'm still far from being merge-ready. The addin manager window cannot be moved and steals focus to any other application. I also have to set correctly the folder from which addins are read.

For those that cannot wait, I added a screenie :-). If it looks familiar, it's because the addin manager is the same that's used in tomboy, monodevelop or any application based on Mono.Addins.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hacking on gnome-do

So I found that the other day and I found it a really cool app. gnome-do is the equivalent of mac's quicksilver to gnome, written in C#. It offers a convenient plugin system that allows anybody to create new actions and itemSources. As a real geek, I couldn't help but reading the source code, and realized they were not using Mono.Addins.
As I had some experience with mono.addins and am familiar with C#, I decided to start hacking a bit to improve gnome-do's plugin system. A few lines of code later, I already started to have something up and working so I published it on launchpad.

It's the first time I use launchpad and bazaar, and I already really enjoy it. The concept of branches really makes it easy to contribute to a project and fits verry well with the opensource development model.

Anyway, there are chances that other posts will follow on gnome-do :-)