Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hacking on gnome-do

So I found that the other day and I found it a really cool app. gnome-do is the equivalent of mac's quicksilver to gnome, written in C#. It offers a convenient plugin system that allows anybody to create new actions and itemSources. As a real geek, I couldn't help but reading the source code, and realized they were not using Mono.Addins.
As I had some experience with mono.addins and am familiar with C#, I decided to start hacking a bit to improve gnome-do's plugin system. A few lines of code later, I already started to have something up and working so I published it on launchpad.

It's the first time I use launchpad and bazaar, and I already really enjoy it. The concept of branches really makes it easy to contribute to a project and fits verry well with the opensource development model.

Anyway, there are chances that other posts will follow on gnome-do :-)

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David said...

All right! Keep on hackin' Do. I can't wait until people can download and install new plugins from within Do!