Monday, May 19, 2008

Woodstock or Icefaces?

I recently ran into a tutorial on the icefaces JSF components and it seems to be an interesting technology. I like the fact that they use ajax push for some of there functionalities. Drag n drop and other visual effects seem to be really attractive too, but I'm concern about the overall stability and usability of the toolkit. As I'm developing and maintaining a project that uses the woodstock JSF components, I need stability.

While signing up on IceSoft website to be allowed to download icefaces, I noticed a few usability errors. IceSoft website makes use of Icefaces. Basically, the form where you enter your name and all that uses ajax to autovalidate its content. That sounds like a good idea. The problem is that it drops the content of the form when it receives an ajax update. That means that what you type between the moment when the form decides to run an ajax validation and the moment where it receives the result of this validation magically disappears while you are typing.

That's the kind of usability bugs I cannot afford in my application so I think I will wait before I give a try to icefaces.